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Offering New Christian Inspired Clothing for Men & Women of All Ages

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A New Line of Christian Clothing and Christian Accessories

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Clothing for Men & Women

Show your love for Jesus Up with Christian apparel from our new company. At Jesus Up, we take pride in planting a seed in others with expressive designs in our clothing line. Our company believes in giving back and a portion of all proceeds goes to help others in need. Help us circle the globe wearing Jesus Up apparel by taking a snapshot anywhere famous in the world, you can end up on our website.

About Us

Express your love and beliefs by choosing Jesus Up, founded in Redding, California. Dress in our new Christian clothing and christian accessories line of Jesus Up apparel for men and women of all ages and let the world know where you stand. Supporting our new clothing line means you are giving back to the world. A portion of every purchase goes towards helping people in need. Help us grow our new company into a worldwide ministry and foundation while spreading Jesus name throughout the world. Our goal one day is to provide for the needy locally and worldwide by helping with homeless shelters, food vans, and drilling water wells for the many that are dying from water born disease.

Contact us in Redding, California, to show your true self through our Christian clothing and christian accessories line of Jesus Up apparel.


Our Word

Our actions usually reveal who we are and what we believe in. For those moments in our lives when we fall short of the expectations of our family, loved ones, working relationships, community, and our Father in Heaven, we should walk the walk and not only talk the talk. We should Jesus Up. Help us change the world by giving back.


Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. PST  Proudly Providing Services in the Following Areas: Nationwide
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Jeff Lamont's Creative Designs Advance Two Great Causes:

The freedom cause of the Jesus who claimed to be the Way, the Truth and the Life and the Providence Champion Campaign to free families from poverty into a future with Hope. Proceeds from the sale of Jesus Up products support Providence’s non-profit cause to free at-risk people to realize their God-given potential through livelihoods for a lifetime.
Jesus Apparel, Religious Clothing | Redding, CA